The statue
: نام فیلم
Ebrahim Vahidzadeh
: کارگردان
Ebrahim Vahidzadeh
: نویسنده
Ebrahim Vahidzadeh
: تهیه کننده

:تاریخ اکران
: عوامل
Cast : Amin Tarokh – Soraya Ghasemi , Sirus Ebrahimzadeh , Manouchehr Hamedi – Shiva Khoniagar – Hormz Hedayat – Reza Fayazi – Jahangir Frouhar – Mansour Valamagham
Director of Photography : Hossein Jafarian
Editing : Hassan Hassandoust
Make up : Amir Eskandari
Set & Custom designe : Khosrow Khorshidi
Sound Recorder : Roubik Mansouri
Music : Mohammadreza Aligholi
Time : 86 min
Synopsis :
The film depicts 3 periods in the life of a man named Bahram Shirazi.In his youth Bahram is a student of music , and at the same time works at the municipality.In his middle age , he is a music teacher at Tehran University.And in his old age he is an expert musicologist and has gained international fame as a composer.One morning Bahram wakes up and finds out that his right arm , which is part of the good side of his being , does not obey him any longer and intends to act independently.This situation sets in a chain unexpected events.