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: نام فیلم
Ebrahim Vahidzadeh
: کارگردان
Ebrahim Vahidzadeh
: نویسنده
Ebrahim Vahidzadeh – Amir Badi
: تهیه کننده

:تاریخ اکران
: عوامل
Cast : Farhad Aslani – Merila Zareie – Sirous Ebrahimzadeh – Reza Jian – Soraya Ghasemi
Cinematography : Mohammad Aladpoush
Editor : Hassan Hassandoust
Set & Custom Design : Iraj Raminfar
Make – Up : Mehri Shirazi
Sound Recorder : Asghar Shahverdi
Music : Mohammadreza Aligholi
Photo : Ghogha Bayat
Time : 85 min
Synopsis :
One day , Moghadam , a famous film director , enters a phychiatric Clinic and asks the reception about conditions for committing a schizophrenic patient.
“ Who is the patient ? “
“ It’s me “ , He replies !
In the clinic he remembers his recent past : He walks in to a film producers office that is willing to produce our hero’s romantic film , only if he agrees to turn it into an action melodrama!Moghadam , who is under very strong financial pressure , accepts his offer.But , a few days later , after changes in the top echelons of the Ministry of Islamic guidance , which issues filmmaking permits , and the subsequent changes in the direction of the government’s policies , Moghadam’s script is rejected because of excessive violence !
He has lost everything…or has he?