: نام فیلم
Ebrahim Vahidzadeh
: کارگردان
Sirous Taslimi
: نویسنده
Ebrahim Vahidzadeh
: تهیه کننده

:تاریخ اکران
: عوامل
Cast : Hessam Navabsafavi – Leila Otadi – Bahareh Rahnama & Alireza Khamseh – Behnoush Bakhtiari – Sirous Ebrahimzadeh – Soraya Ghasemi – Elaheh Hesari – Jamshid Shahmohammadi – Atash Taghipour – Esmaeil Khalaj – Mehdi Tabrizi – Niayesh Mahani
Cinematography : Darioush Ayari
Editor : Davoud Yousefian
Set & Custom Design : Aidin Zarif
Make – Up : Mehri Shirazi
Sound Recorder : Mahmoud Samakbashi
Music : Alireza Lachini
Photo : Ali Nikratar – Kasra Nikraftar
Synopsis :
A young woman named "Fereshteh" for months to find work in and that this undermines the result is not . Rather than with help of his cousin "Maggie" find the company but the company is familiar strange. Company that his head "Khosrow" in the first meeting said : that he claimed to be twenty-five years of his life looking like a Fereshteh character has spent and others will not lose his Matchmaking and wedding ceremonies over two, three days are done Fereshteh is appointed CEO and finance companies all placed at his disposal Fereshteh will admit that even in a dream not see that all this happiness, but...